Heat Treatment Furnace

Offering you a complete choice of products which include bournout furnace and vacuum furnaces.

Bournout Furnace

22000/Piece Get Latest Price

Melting Materialheat
Material Loading Capacityupto 100 Kg
Max Operating Temperatureupto 500 degree Celsius
Power SourceElectric
Type Of FurnaceFix
Rated Power (KW)5 KW

Heat Treatment Procces

In simple terms, heat treatment is the process of heating the metal, holding it at that temperature, and then cooling it back. During the process, the metal part will undergo changes in its mechanical properties. This is because the high temperature alters the microstructure of the metal. And microstructure plays an important role in the mechanical properties of a material.

The final outcome depends on many different factors. These include the time of heating, time of keeping the metal part at a certain temperature, rate of cooling, surrounding conditions, etc. The parameters depend on the heat treatment method, type of metal and part size.

Over the course of this process, the metal’s properties will change. Among those properties are electrical resistance, magnetism, hardness, toughness, ductility, brittleness and corrosion resistance.


Vacuum Furnaces

160000/Piece Get Latest Price

Power SourceElectric
Type Of FurnaceFix
Rated Power (KW)5 kw
Input Voltage (V)230/415
Furnace Voltage (V)230/-
Max OperatingTemperature1200c


1. Working temperature: 1200 ° C,

2. Maximum energy efficiency can be achieved by using a thermally efficient alumina fiber ceramic insulation surrounding the combustion chamber.

three. Heavy duty double-layer construction with cooling fan. Reduce the case temperature.

4. The PID is automatically controlled by the current limit phase angle to ignite the resistor, such as a thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier).

5. 30-segment programmable power control.

6. It is widely used in the heat treatment of metal materials under rough vacuum, reducing or protective atmosphere.

7. It can also be used for the heat treatment of special materials, such as the carbonization development process of carbon products.

Description: heidulf vacuum furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials under low vacuum, recursive and protective atmosphere, and can also be used for heat treatment of special materials, such as carbonization of carbon products. The furnace chamber is made of ceramic fiber, which has excellent heat preservation performance; the vacuum storage tank adopts a water cooling system.

Vacuum Furnaces

120000/Piece Get Latest Price

Melting MaterialAluminium
Power SourceElectric
Type Of FurnaceFix
Input Voltage (V)220V
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Lab electric vacuum atmosphere muffle furnace controlling nitrogen and argon inert gas: strong construction and high quality heating elements provide rapid heating rates and a long reliable working life. With controlled multiple atmosphere include nitrogen,argon,oxygen,mixed gas.



Main Features of inert gas smelting atmosphere furnace   

1) 1200C maximum operating temperature 

2) Capable of -0.1Mpa vacuum in a clean chamber

3) One or more air inlet ports

4) Low vaccum monitor and flow meters installed

5)  Atmosphere furnace door of furnace adopt the overall plane milling and silicone strip embedded seal with a strong sealing

6) 30 segmet programmable , intelligent PID adjustment, with fuzzy control and instrument self-tuning function, automatic heating, automatic cooling

7) Atmosphere furnace shell structure: double shell structure with air-cooled system to ensure the furnace shell close to room temperature when the equipment is running

8) Temperature control safety: our smelting atmosphere furnace with over-temperature protection, broken even protection, leakage protection, equipment operation safe and reliable

9) Chamber material made of  alumina microcrystalline fiber to ensure uniform temperature field and good insulation properties



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